Paternopoli, our land

The village of Paternopoli has roots that date back to pre-Roman times. In ancient times the center became a refuge for hermits called "Pater" who chose the place for their residence, becoming an important reference point for the inhabitants. The hill on which the Pater had settled was called "Paternum". The town is full of historic buildings (De Iorio, Famiglietti, Anziano, Ziviello) and characteristic fountains (Acquara, Pescarella, Acqua dei Franci, etc.). The mother church, known as the Sanctuary of Consolation (1522) has been a place of pilgrimage and worship for centuries. In Paternopoli the famous "Carnival" takes place with allegorical floats and the center is also known for the production of the typical "Broccolo Aprilatico" a Slow Food presidium as well as being home to numerous wineries.