Our new cellar, built in wood and with bio-architecture techniques by local workers, has been imagined as a space of relationship between the countryside and man. A building procedure was implemented through the application of techniques and materials aimed at the environmental sustainability of the intervention. Solar energy is produced and rainwater is recovered with which the apple orchard in front of the cellar is irrigated. The architecture chooses a mimetic, excavated, earthy profile; solid wood and raw brushed iron prevail. A 'green-copper' canopy emerges from the terrace, reverberating inside the image of the large centuries-old Pinus pinea, featured in the company logo. Wine and wood in a marriage of archaic memories.


In the basement there is the production area, with fermenters and steel tanks connected to the temperature control systems. In a special space insulated and protected against the ground there is the barrique cellar , where the wine is aged before bottling. The various vintages of our products are kept in the wine-cellar area . The spaces on the ground floor, on the other hand, wind through a dynamic sequence and serve a series of functions: for welcoming customers , an integral part of the company's business, for services, for company management.


Our harvest is done by hand and in small quantities of crates, respecting the plants and the times , so as to collect the ripe bunches and practice the choice of grapes with particular regard to their health status. The objective of a wine production that focuses on quality is linked to the possibility of making wine starting from grapes in perfect conditions both for ripening and cleaning.


The processing begins with the crushing and destemming and then with the fermentation of the must, in steel fermenters kept at a controlled temperature using modern technologies. The first part of the maturation of the wine takes place, subsequently, in steel storage tanks while in the barrique cellar we proceed with the refinement and aging of the different vintages and qualities. Before reaching stabilization in the appropriate tanks and, therefore, bottling, the wine is subjected to constant checks and analyzes in order to guarantee the best and safest quality of the product.